Recipe: Chicken Porridge On

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Recipe: Chicken Porridge On
Recipe: Chicken Porridge On
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Chicken "porridge"

1 serving

tsny kook rinu nu 'weighed och together with anise and sieve in tyu with tochm esvom (about 3). on il fire t do, ush and it kuinoe about about 2 as, while ritya. well ru prt, from about mowing to onkie e ki. yy wash pshu kasrlyu, cold in ootenia 1: 5, bring it to a boil with sleep, then vary with a fire 1 ac full of sheep (yenits can be used). isit and nar b. Combine senna pshu queen with buon, t do, add ginger and ol.

mu and provide liquid eso osor t srykoy b pshe buon, ice t, so that the lump breaks off. sazu perate and fire. the compressible will boil, you eat the first.

b a. boil a small amount of 0.5-0.7 liters and beat a ton, then stir. like an ally obryus testicles, lit water. He will put eggs in a strip of quinoa, cook quinoa l-pshu, yi nar greens lu, ginger, add oo and brznu nzhuny mas.

Products (for 1 portion)
ku? itz 46-400 r
mu 64-120 r
cor? ginger 80-2 cm
bark 22-1 pinch
from? 14-2.5 Art. spoons
u? u? winnies 17-3 Art. spoons
psh? and 77-200 r
lu green 75-3 PCS.
lane? h? us hammer? th 88-1 pinch
anise 17-0.5 h. spoons
an egg 78-2 PCS.
mas ku? t 10-2 h. spoons

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