Recipe: Frozen Guryev Porridge On

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Recipe: Frozen Guryev Porridge On
Recipe: Frozen Guryev Porridge On

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Frozen Guryev porridge

The milk is sucked into the krpu manna. waving, boil kol r, choba at rilas and a village. b porridge 100 g aha, livoch mas, vanillin, amelen and broken ori, pokrenny small kami, nare ku tskat dy and with cor. All eo you eat, so you eat about 30%. He will put in the op, the raft is closed, and the night will be in the lake. Serve a goo of porridge, you fmy krgly do it.

ameling ex. Very groovy ex podssh in x shu. ar b kasrlyu ry with 1 lemon. Thy fire, neprysh, add a little bit, it just yu ori, wedge it with a fork, t all yy amel with a film, sazu on shu ar, sylom.

igot foams. 1.5 tlky livok is lit in a bale, and 1 t. just a mustache, with a fork, a heifer, with a mustache, with a mustache and a new one. So dress it so far, do not wear it (it will not brown until it burns like ice).

cr? pa 88-200 r
s? ar 31-400 r
mass with? 14-100 r
oh? gr? cue peeled 4-600 r
c? cat? melon 53-100 r
cor-apel? and new candied 51-100 r
from 30% 86-2 glasses
with 10% 61-1.5 bottle
milk for porridge 66-1.5 bottle
vanilla taste
with lemon 91-1 PCS.

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