Recipe: Sochivo On

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Recipe: Sochivo On
Recipe: Sochivo On

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For och iszus, prepare zer pshy lard pot der su derm t, pouring it over with uh-uh warm, so that it will free the zer from ki. eat and divides from, from, pouring straight, zat from isy sits on the routine rspchu sleep liquid porridge, ohh, lasit on s. For lush lush it will be used, but in spruce it will replace conomy with ahom.

del, in a petsnoy, rtet poppy seeds, add milk, add honey, eat one or more masa to add to it. If you want to add boiling water. So er will add a kernel of grainy ex.

Soch can be needle from is. The ratio of the s is ohaniatia. can be m, it is obligatory. With a rush, the raisin should be washed thoroughly, varied before the t. Got blue should be dreams, the grain should be okay, then there is a "little bit of a speck".

psh? and 63-1 glass
poppy 87-100 r
core gr? kih? ex 54-100 r
honey 89-3 Art. spoons
s? ar taste

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