Recipe: Porridge Pies On

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Recipe: Porridge Pies On
Recipe: Porridge Pies On

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Video: How to Make Perfect Porridge - 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver 2023, February

Porridge pies

4-6 ueny gr vyt, sieve in from ol to t, spin and yanos; Nu 'iba, izrbit, buon preit, taken 2 t, put it in back, ь 1/3 t long la, it, spat 1 sakan molens krp, ibko aya; ep 10 min will suck in 0.5 hours. and there is t on burns. init eoi her burns.

gr? dried 31-6 PCS.
lu? s 53-1 PCS.
pestilence? 86-1 PCS.
pet? u? ka 97-0.5 PCS.
s? der 26-0.3 PCS.
grains of english pepper 11-12 PCS.
kr? py Smolensk 48-1 glass
mass lean 67-0.123 glasses
! p? spruce For dough: 89-0
mu 96-800 r
dr taste
by weight 57-3 Art. spoons
from? taste

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