Recipe: Guryev Porridge (option 1) On

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Recipe: Guryev Porridge (option 1) On
Recipe: Guryev Porridge (option 1) On

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Guryev porridge (option 1)

Milk before, taste it. yy, yy onkoy that krpu. it mating porridge, with oss. It divides proteins from the covs. ki aser sar, squirrels. add porridge early yellow, and eat. Orient on livoch mas and b porridge. Perat.

Provides foam. poured into from, put a duovka into the azogru. b by e arr.

A gloomy carpet with an ols bottom is masat, wash it out, and level it. For y ikos without flow, y with foams.

x vyt tus porridge, equalize, sprinkle sar puoi, izhech rkalenny with a knife ak, t on xt obr s. bake the duovka until it is created.

Gotu u pospat orami uas rkt.

cr? pa 32-0.5 glasses
milk 20-500 ml
the core of the gr? kih? ex crushed 97-0.5 glasses
or c? cat? 76-0.5 glasses
an egg 49-2 PCS.
mass with? 40-2 Art. spoons
s? ar 62-2 Art. spoons
abr? 28-10 PCS.
poo? ah? ah? naya taste
milk for foams how much will it take
from? taste

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