Recipe: Fish Snack On

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Recipe: Fish Snack On
Recipe: Fish Snack On

Video: Recipe: Fish Snack On

Video: Recipe: Fish Snack On
Video: Fish Balls | Fish Recipes 2023, March

Fish appetizer

Recipe photo: Fish appetizer
Recipe photo: Fish appetizer

6 portions of ZNAIKA 01/23/15

Zavare ar the beginning and the beginning of the meal.

Food (for 6 servings)
Erovanna elk (ossh) - 200
Mayonnaise - 60
Sun-dried tomato, in le (ye) - 50
Juice 0.5
Zest of 0.5 lemon
rsh s (ribbed) - 30
Salt to taste
ets yery y - by s
Cha swir salad
For Claire:
Mu - 65 g
lo livoch - 50 g
- 150 g
a (easy) - 2 sh.

1. In the locker there is a shower of scrap. b plates. Wed in oku yu ku yu ku yu kuyu motions evannya up to one lassich masa. tt pr rooms of the Tatras in 5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, the Inku. ooze it and put it in a kuch. b, tomato, lemon zu, ok, rsh, s and ec. osh perat, nakrt and t hnik.

3.with an axis of t eggs, hosh perivaya leporia. savit in tone.

4.whose x for a single roar 190 gr. The pain from the scrap will populate with a feather.

5. Lays down the brew point in a good way will give it on the basis of 24 articles on the Ast 3 with drg drga. from in azero duovku 20-25 minutes.

6. Dosat ey duovki, azr yar in half. Ossavit wasp and noah emperue. y ar ea init rbnoy inka serve a snack r same, dreamed.

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