Recipe: "Sweet Tooth" On

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Recipe: "Sweet Tooth" On
Recipe: "Sweet Tooth" On

Video: Recipe: "Sweet Tooth" On

Video: Recipe: "Sweet Tooth" On
Video: 4 Delicious Dessert Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth 2023, March

Sweet Tooth

It divides proteins from kov. ki e 0.5 sakana akha full asvor settlement At the same time, whisk the whites in the posda (t or malir). then there should be no signs of them a. while whisking whites of proteins, pour two of us.

Beat this yellow, add the same ku, us sar. lays down TT on the smeared dreams of mas or gar soda. bakeit pr tatr 180 ° 25 min.

For ema gooey, whip with a scrap of polishing one s. Goty quit tdit, cut for 3 asi, and with smear emom. tims kr obmazhie quit o ex tone, faith yt crushed by oram posavye hnik 3 hours. from quit leechs are unusually tender in taste.

an egg 7-10 PCS.
mu 93-1 glass
s? ar 34-1 glass
s? ar? us 27-1 sachet
! r? spruce For cream: 57-0
guessed milk 12-250 r
mass with? 42-300 r
! r? spruce For decoration: 32-0
oh? gr? cue fried and chopped 19-100 r

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